Shimol & Caleb {Downtown Charleston}

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Shimol is from India and Caleb is from West Virginia and they met while both pursing their dreams in nursing!  Caleb was already working as a nurse when Shimol was training on his floor...and the rest is history! It was lovely hearing their story of how they met and fell in love. They now live in Charleston and are working as nurses (thank you both!!) and I'm glad they are here! It was so great meeting them, laughing with them, and photographing them. We did a two part session (due to unforeseen circumstances) with one location at a beautiful park and the other at Charleston Battery area. Both parts of the session are beautiful and unique in their own way. I have truly enjoyed meeting all my couples and taking part in such a beautiful time in their lives. I LOVE seeing pure excitement and deep affection for one another as they pose and laugh in front of my camera. It is a joy to capture these moments for all my couples! 

 Enjoy these images of Shimol & Caleb! (prt 1)





















































Blair & Mason {Middleton Place & Downtown Charleston}

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Mason and Blair were a dream to work with! Mason had contacted me about photographing a surprise proposal and engagement session while he and Blair visited Charleston. They are from Dallas and were coming to spend the weekend here. They planned to  visit two plantations on Thursday, one of which, I was going to be at and photograph the proposal! The tricky and unique part of this was that the couple had never here before and so Mason needed my help to find the perfect spot for the proposal. We also had to time it perfectly and meet at the right spot! Right when I arrived the Middleton Place I noticed we got there at the same time (hahah, I was worried about that!) and I immediately turned myself around and took up some time before following them in. I saw them a few different times while trying to find a beautiful spot (which there were tons) and just kept pretending I was a photographing the landscape and scenery. I texted Mason where to go and he found a lovely spot under the large Oak by the water. I was farther back taking photos of buildings and trees and watching the signal for Mason to start hugging Blair before he dropped to his knee! Mason and Blair have known each other for several years and went to the same college but it was after college they started dating! It was a joy to photograph the next season in their relationship!  

We did part of the session at Middleton Place and then finished downtown Charleston!  It was so sweet for the the engagement session to be during and right after the proposal. The newness of being engaged, the exciting thoughts about the future, the renewed love and passion for one another, soon to be a mr &mrs,  are just a few reasons an engagement session right after the proposal is a great idea! Mason and Blair were so easy to photograph as they laughed and smiled the entire time, it was perfect! They made my job easy! So glad this Texas couple came to town and that I was able to capture these special moments for them!!

*Make sure to make it to the end, some of my favorites are there!! 


















































~ I hope you enjoyed this blog! Congrats BLAIR & MASON 

Anna & David {Downtown Charleston}

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My husband and I have known David for a little over a year now and we met Anna shortly after. They both are members of our church here on James Island and they are a joy to be around! Anyone who meets them would say that their warm personalities, kind smiles, and genuine love is apparent! They are such a kind couple, we hope to get to know them better!

 Anna and David met at their college library (USC) and that was the start of their friendship! Within a year after growing their friendship they began dating and then got engaged on September 29th of last year. Their proposal story is the sweetest and so romantic! David set up a beautiful spot on a roof top to ask her the big question. This was NOT any rooftop, but the same one where they had their first date:)! So sweet. 

On another note, as a photographer it is scary to offer free sessions or free products. We are scared of being taken advantage of or giving to much time. However, I have found that in the midst of running a business where everything cost something (for me and my clients) it is a breath of fresh air to do something for free! I am able to be more creative on the spot, more relaxed, and not have the pressure that normally accompanies a photo session. I asked Anna and David if they would be up for doing a Couple's Portrait Session downtown Charleston (for free) and they were excited to do it! I usually do my sessions at beaches, parks, and plantations, and I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, I knew I needed to! This was something I have wanted to do for a while now but was to scared to try! Shooting a session downtown Charleston is not for the faint of heart! The lighting, the people, the busyness, the narrow streets, the lack of parking spots, and not to mention how overwhelming it can be because there are a million beautiful houses and streets to shoot at!! All these were things that kept me in fear of shooting in the city, but thankfully I have done it....and LOVED IT! The Charleston charm, the brick and architecture, the peeking sunlight, and overall southern and romantic feel was well worth it! Anna and David Geurkink were the absolute best couple to shoot on Friday night ! The love and laughs they share were lovely to capture! 











Thank you for reading and viewing this blog! If you are interested in an engagement session, I'd love to hear from you! 

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John & Anna Beach Session

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John and Anna's Family session on the beach was lovely! It was a great evening with the perfect glowy light and gorgeous waves crashing upon the shore.  Beach shoots are my favorite (partly because I get to be barefoot) but it feels more relaxed. Something beautiful happens in every session, unplanned conversations or movement...and these things make the photos even better. The two Kesselring girls didn't always want to stand and smile so they would turn and talk to their parents, give hugs, or play - I'm glad they did because the images are even sweeter and more intimate! I want my sessions to include gorgeous posed families but also genuine happiness and joy in each other. Enjoy! 


*thank you BIRDS for flying into this frame. A lovely little touch! 
























Colby & Taylor

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Just a few months ago, Carol reached out to me about a family session. But not an ordinary session, one with a surprise proposal !! 

I really love photographing proposals and was excited about the opportunity. Colby (Carol's son) was bringing his girlfriend (Taylor) along for the family session and wanted to propose while taking photos. Carol and I worked out the details and we anxiously awaited the big moment! Boone Hall was a lovely venue and I visited the day before the shoot to scout out the area. There were SO many gorgeous spots to take pictures. It was hard narrowing it down and I only saw a small portion of the plantation!

 After taking family photos, I switched gears and said we would do some single portraits and couple's portraits. It was after those photos we had planned for the proposal to happen. I quietly whispered to Carol if everything was going okay and how exciting it was, and she said it was definitely going to be a surprise for Taylor!
 As I was taking photos of just Taylor, the boys did a sneaky switch and slipped the ring to Colby!  PERFECT!  I asked Colby where he wanted to take some photos with Taylor and we proceeded to walk to a beautiful spot under the Oak trees. They just casually posed as I got all my settings ready and began to pose them and take pictures. After a few quick minutes, Colby turned to Taylor and spoke to her... and then dropped to his knee! It was beautiful and Taylor was genuinely surprised and in shock!! They soaked up the moment and then began to give hugs to the family watching with anticipation. After seeing many happy tears, laughs, and sweet conversations, I told Taylor that we were doing an engagement session ( if she was okay with that:)!) Of course she was excited about it and still in shock, but the images captured after he asked her to marry him, are so sweet. So romantic and filled with love and happiness. I loved capturing these moments and wish them the very best as they begin this new journey and life together! 


This Charleston charm is to die for - make sure to scroll to the END (my favorites are there!!) 

This image (on top) was a quick little pose before he was going to turn and ask her to be his bride!! She had NO clue what was about to happen!









Thanks for checking out my blog!! I hope you enjoyed it. 

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